Alex Sapkov (chus) wrote,
Alex Sapkov


This feeling of a big time —
that’s what amazes me.
Aeons and eras are passing by,
and I'm still on an edge
of a wave that's
falling down and going up,
in a cosmic ocean
that roars in my veins.

Sometimes I hear dinosaurs
that chase me, sometimes
I don’t hear myself
crying and longing, sometimes
I feel a trilobite in me,
long dead and rotten,
and petrified,
sometimes I don’t really know
if I am even born already.

That’s chains and freedom,
and stones, and water, and trees,
and blossom, and dead leaves,
and worms, and birds, and fish…
That’s broken failed hearts,
and those that still
wish and beat and breathe.
That's tears, and smiles,
and cold dead arms,
and your warm lips on mine.

I’m everything, and everything is me.

© 27.07.2015
Tags: стихи
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